Level up your restaurant brand, with no predatory commissions.

Alif Alif helps independent restaurants launch their own online ordering experience and reward loyal customers, without sacrificing the bottom line.

Recover up to 30% of your net margins, on your own terms.

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The Platform for Independent Restaurants.

Your restaurant is different in 2020. Customers expect to be able to order online delivery, pick-up, or dine-in right from their phones. Margins are thin, and there's no room for services that charge 25%+ commissions on every order.


Alif Alif empowers your restaurant to deliver an unparalleled online customer experience that will grow your sales for years to come.

Oliver J.

operator @ BurgerBox


“40% of our sales come from online orders - we've always operated our own ordering & delivery infrastructure. It gives us 100% control over our brand online, and our margins aren't cannibalized by third party delivery providers.

Let’s be honest, is this the right way to run your restaurant’s online strategy in 2020?

Food Ordering Services

Charge unrealistically high double digit “marketing fees” going as high as 30% per order, wiping out your margins per order.

Food Ordering Services

List your restaurant brand along with hundreds of other competing brands, essentially hijacking your brand’s experience.

Food Ordering Services

Tie up your cashflow for weeks - cash that you could have used to grow your sales.

Food Ordering Services

Tarnish your restaurant’s reputation if issues arise with orders.

Food Ordering Services

Are launching their own “ghost brands” that compete directly with yours, based on data they’ve collected from your customers.

Phone & Messenger Ordering

Leads to missed orders and poor customer experiences.

There’s a better way to do it.

Alif Alif has a combination of tools that help you launch & grow your own branded online ordering experience with no per-order fees. We empower you to build your online menu in minutes, and track your visitors along the way - so that you have a direct line to your customers and no middle men.

Step 1 
Add Your Products.

Alif Alif  is designed to empower you to add your products in minutes, & track your visitors along the way - so that you have a direct line to your customers with no middle men.

*no credit card required • cancel anytime

Step 2 

Customize Your Store & Configure Payments.

Update your logo, colors, and store content. Once you’re done, configure cash on delivery or online payments, and activate your store.

Step 3 

Grow & Track.

Install the order receiving app to get notified once an orders comes through, then promote & analyze your online store’s visitors using your dashboard.

Create a promotion to get customers to order directly from your new online store. You're 100% in control.

On average,

Alif Alif pays for itself 30x over. 

It’s a no-brainer. The average restaurant already has customers searching for them online. If you're not online, you're missing orders right now. Be ready to receive your customer's orders right when they search for you.



”Our net margins are 15%, that's why I was shocked to find out that DoorDash & UberEats charge upwards of 20% commissions on every single order. Most of the time it's our existing customers that just want the convenience of online ordering, so why charge us 20%+ for one of our own?"

The best part? There are no setup fees, long-term contracts, or "marketing fees".

No pricing gimmicks. We offer simple monthly pricing that doesn't punish your restaurant for being small. Never again overpay for transaction fees that should be yours in the first place.

Test drive the

platform free for 14 days

We’re so confident that once you embrace owning and operating your own online ordering, and begin to see the margin improvements on the books - you’ll never go back to doing it the old way.


*No credit card required

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We're on a mission to empower independent businesses.

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