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of customers surveyed say that loyalty programs encourage them to keep buying from a brand.


of customers in a loyalty program spend more on a product even if there's cheaper alternatives.

Customer Loyalty

Keep your customers coming back for more with a branded loyalty program.

*No credit card required  ・Cancel anytime

Easily award loyalty points to your frequent customers

Just enter a customer's email or phone #, collect their information, and scan them in whenever they visit.

Your loyalty program is fully integrated with your online store for simple tracking.

Define rewards with just a few clicks.

Create your own rewards that keep customers coming back - everything is configurable on your own branded loyalty program.

Your loyalty program is 100% digital & future proof.

Your customers can access their digital loyalty point balance online, and will receive updates every time a transaction is made. Best of all, you'll be able to get real-world analytics on how often your customers order and how much they spend.

Fully integrated with your online store, and physical store.

Customers that order online will be able to join your loyalty program quickly & easily. If they visit your physical store, you'll be able to scan-in customers using the Alif Alif store app, and help them earn points across all of your channels.

Grow your business with Alif Alif. Getting started is quick & easy.

*No credit card required  ・Cancel anytime

We're on a mission to empower independent businesses.

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